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Tips When Hiring & Working With Staffing Companies

  1. Companies that focus on select industries tend to provide the best shot at top talent for your positions. How so – companies with a niche know those industries,  stay in the loop by being networked in the area, and they speak the language. Those companies can swiftly identify even passive candidates within the industry.

  1. Building a relationship with your staffing recruiter is important. Having rapport and building that relationship only ensures that the company understands your business needs and goals.

  1. Part of  building a good relationship with a staffing company means that you hold some responsibility in making a successful relationship. Inquire what the company’s expectations of you are for the hiring & staffing process. How much time and information do they need to get started? Do they expect to speak with you, daily or weekly?

  1. Be thorough on giving job requirements. Don’t just tell the staffing company what roles you need filled, it can be too vague. It’s imperative to give the staffing company the precise requirements you must have as ones that would be nice to have. This assists in saving time when filling your positions.

  1. Partner with a company that is easy to work with. You want to work with a company that stays invested  and makes you feel comfortable. Did they ask the right questions when taking the job order? Do they follow up after submitting potential candidates? Do they stay engaged after the position has been filled? Are you being provided outstanding customer service?

  1. Be transparent and direct. If you interview a submitted candidate and don’t like them for one reason or another, you need to tell your staffing recruiter why. Honesty is the best policy, it won’t offend the recruiter if you don’t feel the candidate has the right skill set or is lacking the skill set you need.

7. Define the opportunity & skills. When you work with a staffing company you want to take the time to define the skills, goals, personality type, and objective for the positions. Elaborate your company’s values & culture so your recruiter has a better understanding of the types of candidates you’re seeking.

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