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Benefits Of Joining The Staffing Company

Benefits of joining the staffing company:

When you join the Who You Know LLC team your job search is streamlined. Recruiters are your ally in finding the right position for you and your skill set. Many people think of temp agencies when they hear about staffing companies, this is not the case with Who You Know LLC. When working with us you’re working for us directly and not a third party who helps you find a job and you may never hear from again. 

You partner with one of our skilled recruiters who takes the time to learn what you’re looking for, your career goals, your work history, and the type of work environment you seek. Job Seekers on our team enter the recruiting process with more confidence and preparation for their first day at work. We conduct the interview, hire you directly, and work with you to place you in the right position and company. 

Working for us you gain access to multiple work opportunities, many that aren’t even listed online. Our staffing company has a variety of options that we can present to you rather than searching independently for endlessly posted jobs. We work together to narrow down the best positions available to your tailored talents and work needs. You will receive help with scheduling any follow up interviews that may be requested, and polishing your resume if applicable for the position.

We keep an open line of communication with you once you start working to ensure that you’re getting everything you need, and ensure you are satisfied with your new opportunity. Communication is a big part of our company values, open communication allows us to work together to make sure everyday is a win for you, the clients we work with, and our company. If you find that you’re not thriving in your new position or work environment, reach out to your recruiter. The recruiter will assist in finding an alternative opportunity that you can succeed in. We always want our staff to feel that they are taken care of. We believe staff that are taken care of are team members that will be an asset that adds value to the workplace, will work diligently and efficiently, and will always do a quality job day in and day out. 

Your success is our success.

Tips & Suggestions for job searching when relocating:

Give yourself time to find a new job before you relocate. We know it’s not always feasible but having a job lined up before you move is a huge benefit to have a smoother transition. At Who You Know LLC we can assist with that.

We recommend setting aside funds for your transitional period, that includes your moving expenses and job search time. If your moving date comes before you have secured a new position you’ll have that buffer to cover bills and expenses.

You might find yourself doing job interviews in advance before your moving date. We offer remote interviewing, to take the hassle out of traveling before you need to. We know how expensive and time consuming it can be when traveling for job interviews before your big move. We do what we can to help reduce the stress of finding work, so you can focus on a smooth transition.

Finding and reaching out to local staffing companies like Who You Know LLC, can help you tremendously in your relocating process. We stay connected in the local area and work with various businesses, because it’s not what you know, but who you know! Our connections and network with other companies in our community will expedite finding the right job for you. Who You Know LLC is focused towards your success, and for your peace of mind in a very busy time.

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